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        Jullie gekozen tekst, gedichtje of versje

        Eenvoudig en snel in jullie gekozen geboortekaartje, tekst professioneel laten drukken.

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      Engelse geboorteteksten

      We have waited 9 months to expand our space,
      She/he is finally here with a smile on her/his face!

      How did we ever live without you?

      We will never forget the day he/she came into our lives It is with great joy that we announce...

      With love and joy we announce the birth of our sweet baby boy/girl!

      We are overjoyed to announce the arrival of our son/daughter

      Oh boy, Oh boy, It's a girl!

      The first steps a baby takes are into your heart...

      Our baby has brought joy to this day, warmth to our lives, happiness to our hearts!

      A tiny hand to hold...the greatest love we know

      Tiny child so long-awaited
      now is born and celebrated!

      We welcome our second bundle of joy...

      We've added another color to our family's rainbow...

      It is with much joy and pride that we introduce to you ...

      With great joy and love we welcome our little miracle/our son/our daughter

      We are excited to welcome in our life, our beautiful son/daughter

      Sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest place in your heart

      We reached for the stars and got an armful of heaven

      A sweet little one has joined our home, a bundle of joy to call our own!

      You are the perfect finishing touch to our family!

      We've been expecting this for months!
      Our new baby has arrived.

      Name and name

      Joyfully announce
      the birth of their new
      little one