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Poems - engelstalige gedichtjes voor geboortekaartjes

Little hands and little feet
Little toothless grins so sweet
Little eyes that shine so bright
Little arms to hold you tight

A new little baby
to cuddle and love
to spoil just a little
and think the world of
A bundle from Heaven
to simply adore
now who in the world
could ask for more!

Hey, Diddle Diddle
with a laugh and a giggle
our baby arrived
not a moment too soon.

Tiny hands, Tiny feet...
There is someone new
for you to meet!

She’s a heartful,
a hugful of joy and delight.
A sweet little bundle of love at first sight.
Cute and cuddly, full of charms,
and custom made to fit in our arms!

You are the poem we dreamed of writing,
the masterpiece we longed to paint...
you are our child.

Another sweet smile to brighten our day,
another small hand to hold on the way!

In all of life there seems a time
when wishes do come true.
Now this come to let you know,
that we have someone new...

A new little hand for us to hold
his/her love is grand, precious as gold

Two more little hands
Two more little feet
Now our family is complete!

Kisses and snuggles and giggles, life at it's brightest and best.
Oh, how our hearts have been stolen, oh, how our home has been blessed!

We welcome with joy
our new baby boy!

We are tickled pink and have no fear...
Our baby girl is finally here

Innocent, perfect and sweet as can be
our angel has arrived . . . blessed are we!

Cuddly as a cloud, gentle as the night,
our new baby fills our lives with sweetest delight!

twinkle twinkle, little star
Now we all know who you are

Straight from Heaven
into your heart
a whole new life
a whole new start

Mom and Dad laughed
and cried tears of joy,
and promised him the moon!

Someone special, someone dear
Someone new to love is here!

A tiny angel
sent from above
has come to fill
your hearts with love

Bottle, rattles and cute little socks.
Lullabies, laughter and alphabet blocks...

Before you were conceived I wanted you.
Before you were born I loved you.
Before you were here an hour I would die for you.
This is the miracle of life.

For one so small you seem so strong
Our arms will hold you
keep you safe and warm
This bond between us can’t be broken
We will be here don’t you cry

Ten tiny fingers that always want to play,
that never stop exploring the wonder of today.
Ten tiny fingers that from the very start,
will reach out for tomorrow, yet always hold your heart...

We have waited 9 months to expand our space,
She/he is finally here with a smile on her/his face!

Our little boy/girl has just arrived, so small and precious too -
we just couldn't wait to share our happy news with you!

One tiny hand to guide and hold,
One tiny life to shape and mold;
each child, a gift from God above,
a symbol of His strength and love.

B is for Baby - so innocent and sweet;
A is for Adorable - bubbly smiles, tiny feet.
B is for Beautiful - perfect in every way.
Y is for Yeah - our baby arrived this day!

So sweet and neat
and such petite litttle feet!
This precious baby GIRL/BOY
makes our lives complete

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